Congestion during pregnancy

How common is it?
About 20% of pregnant women suffer with nasal congestion. The cause is as yet unknown, however once baby is delivered the congestion clears up.

Problems associated with long term nasal congestion
The condition is relatively uncomfortable and may cause the following:
• Mouth breathing
• Desire to use nasal decongestant sprays for long periods
• Snoring and sleep apnoea
• High blood pressure

Mouth breathing
The nose has important functions of humidifying, warming and cleansing the air that we breathe in. Mouth breathing therefore is unnatural and can have adverse effects on:
Teeth: the saliva dries up leaving teeth unprotected against bacteria.
Dental caries can result.
Throat: this can become sore because of the drying effects of inhaled dry cool air.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea
A blocked nose can lead to snoring and, in extreme cases, to breath holding during sleep (called Sleep Apnoea).

Sleep Apnoea can lead to a decrease in oxygen levels in the blood during sleep.
If you find yourself becoming more tired than you usually are, or if your husband or partner complains about your snoring, then please see your doctor to discuss the possibility of testing you for sleep apnoea. The test is easy and painless.

How to temporarily relieve nasal congestion

Regular exercise

Stop smoking

Raise the head of your bed

Trial of nasal splints

These help to support and keep the structures of the lower nasal cavity open and so assist with breathing. They can be purchased from most retail pharmacies.


Flo Saline Plus Nasal SprayWashing the nose
Washing your nose with a natural nasal spray should help to clear away any excess mucus and irritants in the nasal cavity and assist with breathing.
You should ensure that you choose a product which is sterile and free of preservatives and chemical buffers; this is to avoid any potential irritation or unwanted swelling of the nasal tissue.

FLO Saline Plus provides the ideal solution for a blocked nose during pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding.

FLO Saline Plus spray –

  • Contains extra minerals required in the nose.
  • Natural, gentle formulation.
  • Preservative-free isotonic solution.
  • No stinging or burning.
  • Cost-effective metered spray containing 200+ sprays per bottle
  • May be used as often as needed to help clear nasal congestion

FLO Sinus Care nasal douche can be used when you need more than a spray,
e.g. if you suffer from sinusitis you might find that using a large volume wash is more effective in clearing your congestion.

FLO Sinus Care is a natural, physiological solution containing saline and extra minerals as a large volume, positive pressure nasal irrigation to reach the sinus cavities. Flo Sinus Care thins and washes away mucus to help reduce sinus pressure and pain.For detailed info on Flo Sinus Care, click here.

There are additional treatments which can be offered should these simple measures fail to resolve your breathing difficulties.

Please consult your family doctor or obstetrician for further advice.
Always use medicines as directed and consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.