Flo Flexi Nozzles

Flexi Nozzles Short and Flexi Nozzles Long are disposable nozzle devices used to deliver solutions, such as local anaesthetic or vasoconstrictors, as a fine mist spray.
Flexi Nozzles are available in two lengths:

  • Flexi SHORT (100 mm long) – Box of 50 nozzles
    • Flexi LONG (200 mm long) – Box of 25 nozzles

The Flexi Nozzle has many advantages over conventional nozzles including:

  • Broad finger platform– enabling easy and comfortable operator control.
    • Bendable memory – can be bent and set into any shape, as many times as required, ensuring full coverage of the desired area. The bottle does not need to be inverted to access difficult to reach areas.
     Fine nozzle tip – a slim-line design ensures ease of use and accurate placement in the nose. The tip produces a fine mist spray to ensure good coverage of the mucosa.

Please Note: The Flexi Nozzle is registered as a “Single Use” item. A new nozzle for each patient (Single Use Policy) is advocated in order to reduce the risk of cross infection.

For more information and where to buy, email ebeth@cshealth.co.za