Flexi Nozzles

Flexi Nozzles are disposable devices that deliver solutions, like local anaesthetic or vasoconstrictors, as a fine mist spray.

Flexi Nozzles are available in two lengths:

  • Flexi SHORT (100 mm long) – Box of 50 nozzles
  • Flexi LONG (200 mm long) – Box of 25 nozzles

The Flexi Nozzle has many advantages over conventional nozzles, including:

  • Broad finger platform– enabling easy and comfortable operator control.
  • Bendable memory – can be bent and set into any shape as often as required, ensuring complete coverage of the desired area. The bottle does not need to be inverted to access difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Fine nozzle tip – a slim-line design ensures ease of use and accurate placement in the nose. The information produces a fine mist spray to provide good coverage of the mucosa.

Please Note: The Flexi Nozzle is registered as a “Single-Use” item.  A new nozzle for each patient (single-use policy) is advocated to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

For more information and where to buy, email sales@cshealth.co.za